CBAR Hammer Rocketshine

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The Hand-polished aluminium reflects the surrounding and makes the chair float in space.
CBAR Hammer is the best showcase of the beauty of Aluminium. The parts are forged together with nothing more than a hammer.
CBAR Hammer chairs are handmade and numbered.

Product Information


CBAR is a fresh new chair design by Ritsert. It uses just 3 different Aluminium parts to form a lightweight chair. The parts are welded or forged together to and together form a sleek butt stable chair. 

Size or Dimensions

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seat hight:  475 mm 
seat width:  420 mm. 
total height: 810 mm. 
weight:  +- 4 kg. 
load:    100 kg max

Product Details

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The CBAR Hammer is a beatifull handmade chair. As any handmade product, the product can vary on detail level. The polished aluminium surface can be scratched by sharp materials or can get dull overtime. A aluminium polish product can be used to keep the shine and remove scratches. 
All chairs come with anti scratch pads to prevent scratches

Special Instructions

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Made for indoor use only.
Cleaning products can leave marks on the surface. Check and try anti scratch pads for marks on your floor. Clean the chairs with a dry paper towel before use.